About Us - Founder and Team

A Tax Advisor Pte Ltd is founded by Mr. Nelson Tan in January 2014. He has more than 15 years' experience in tax consultancy especially in tax query, tax audit and tax investigation. As a former IRAS Senior Tax Investigator, he and his team conducted tax investigation operations on companies and businesses. They raided commercial and residential premises belonging to the businesses, performed in-depth investigation on tax evasion cases and prosecuted tax evaders in court. He joined Big Four Accounting Firm after 6 years in IRAS. At Big Four Accounting Firm, he managed a team in tax compliance and advisory for 7 years before setting up A Tax Advisor Pte Ltd.

With Nelson's wealth of experience in tax compliance and advisory, he and his team in A Tax Advisor Pte Ltd is able to advise you appropriately on how to deal with IRAS tax query, investigation and audit effectively.

The Tax Consultancy Team at A Tax Advisor Pte Ltd represents clients who are facing tax audit and tax investigation with the objective of minimizing the emotional, psychological and financial stress of the clients.

Capable Team to Resolve Your Tax Issues

Tax Services

It makes alot of difference between appointing a quality tax agent to represent you for tax investigation cases and appointing a mediocre tax agent. It may not be worthwhile taking such risk at this time.

IRAS Tax Audit should be dealt with appropriately to avoid aggravating the situation which may result in a full-scale IRAS Tax Investigation. Get us in to deal with the Tax Audit before it goes out of control.

Nipping the tax query in the bud is important. As soon as IRAS detects any sign of incorrect tax filing and starts querying, you should address the tax issue quickly and effectively.

Disclosing past tax mistakes and paying back the taxes is never an easy task. Voluntary Disclosure may be the best option in view of the seriousness of being prosecuted for tax evasion or negligence.

If your corporate tax return, individual tax return, goods & services tax return and withholding tax return are filed correctly, you should not be worried about IRAS Tax Query, Tax Audit or Tax Investigation.

Wish to find out more about Labuan Tax? We have a Labuan Tax Partner who can advise you and set up a business for you.

Tax Advice

If you have sought tax professional advice when face with unusual circumstances, your tax treatment should be correct and you should not have to face the punishment of filing incorrect tax return.

Setting up a Singapore Company can be challenging for foreigners. We are here to help you incorporate the Singapore Company and support you in all the necessary filing.

Competent Tax Professionals to Deal with Tax Evasion Issue