Company Registration in Singapore for Foreigners

Singapore Company Registration by foreigners have been rising steadily over the years. Why should a foreigner register a Company in Singapore? Why are there so many foreigners and foreign companies setting up businesses in Singapore? What are the factors which makes Singapore an attractive location for registering your businesses?

Singapore's low tax rate are just one of the factors to register a businss in Singapore - Corporate tax rate of 17%  (effective average corporate tax rates on first SGD200,000 taxable income for new start up is less than 10% because of favourable tax exemption with effect from Year of Assessment 2020) and Individual Tax Rates ranging from 0% to 22% (effective average tax rate of 10.6% on first SGD200,000 taxable income for tax resident individuals).

With Singapore stable political climate, sound banking system, good transport network and well-educated & skilled workforce, you know that your business is under the best conditions to succeed.

With Singapore numerous tax treaties with other countries, you know that you can avoid double taxation and enjoy favourable tax rates under treaty agreement. 

Assisting Foreigners to Register a Singapore Company

A foreigner who is not familiar with the regulation of registering a Singapore Company may find it challenging to start a company in Singapore. To appoint a competent agent who can understand the needs of foreigners and is well-verse with the rules and regulation of Singapore Company Registration may not be easy.

We are here to help you with the registration of Singapore Company. We will try our best to make the registration as painless and as smooth as possible. Most importantly, we advise you appropriately on the compliance requirements and the tax structure of Singapore and ensure the most tax efficient structure is recommended to you.

Do you need to be physically in Singapore to Register the Singapore Company?

Yes, you will need to make a trip to Singapore for the Company registration and the bank account opening if you are one of the authorized signatories.

Local Director Requirement for Singapore Company Registration

Every Company in Singapore needs a Resident or Local Director. As you are a foreigner and if you are not able to appoint a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident to be the Local Director, you will need the Nominee Director Service where we will act as the Local Director on your behalf.

You may wish to apply for Entrepass or Employment Pass once your Company is setup and have substantial financial transactions so that you can act as a Local Director in the future with your Entrepass or Employment Pass under this new Company. We can assist you in your application for Entrepass, Employment Pass and Singapore Permanent Resident.

How long will it take to register the Singapore Company?

If the shareholders and directors are not flagged up by the ACRA where further clearance need to be performed, the Singapore Company Registration should be completed within one day. However, for foreigners, the possibility of further checks to be performed by ACRA is high and as such you should be prepared for some delay of a few weeks if the registration is not approved on that day of registration.

Subsequent Support after Singapore Company Registration

We shall continue to support you in your accounting, taxation and other requirements after the Company is registered. We ensure high level of compliance so that you can focus your energy and attention on growing your business. We aim to deliver high quality of service to our client in terms of Company registration, tax compliance and advisory and other accounting related services.

Foreigners need a Singapore Qualifying Agent to Register a Singapore Company

- We are a Qualifying Agent who can assist you in the registration of Singapore Company 

Tax Services

The last thing a foreigner wish to face is an IRAS Tax Investigation. When we register your Company and prepare your tax return, we manage this risk for you.

Facing an IRAS Tax Audit is equally stressful for foreigners. Your tax affair under our care should be in good order when IRAS audit the tax filing.

When you receive a tax query from IRAS, it may not mean that your tax return is incorrect. Let us review your tax return and advise you what is the next step to take.

If you know that you have under-reported your taxable income and wish to make good the situation, we can help you to do so with the voluntary disclosure exercise.

Whether the company is owned by locals or foreigners, filing your corporate tax return, individual tax return and GST return correctly is important.

We have a Labuan Partner who can help you with Labuan Offshore Company registration and advise you on Labuan tax.

Tax Advice

It is normal to have doubts on tax treatment on some income and expenses. Let us clarify your doubts on all types of taxes including withholding tax.

Registering a Singapore Company Registration by Foreigners

Foreigners who are not familiar with Singapore regulations will need an agent to guide them closely in Singapore Company Registration.

From Company Registration to Accounting and Tax filing

Assisting Foreigners with Singapore Company Registration and ensure that they comply with Singapore Regulations