Tax Filing Service

Tax filing can be stressful especially for the filing of corporate tax, goods and services tax and withholding tax. Even someone who is trained in accounting may find tax filing a challenge because tax rules and accounting rules are different and adjustments to the accounts have to be made in the tax computation prior to the tax filing.

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Qualified Tax Advisor to File Your Tax Return

With our tax advisors who deal with IRAS tax query, tax audit and tax investigation cases frequently, we understand the tax issues raised by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore or IRAS. When we prepare your tax return, we pay particular attention to areas which the IRAS examines frequently. We highlight the risk of non-compliance to you if your numbers are not able to withstand IRAS scrutiny. Prior to filing the tax return, we may also pre-empt you on the likely areas IRAS may question. 

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Tax Filing Due Dates

Please bear in mind the following tax filing due dates:

Tax Services

Tax Advice

Advise you on complex tax issues so that you comply with the tax law.

Routine questioning by IRAS should be quickly and effectively dealt with.

Pro-active step to disclose errors ahead of IRAS tax query, audit and investigation.